Water Damage Repair Company in Fort Myers

Flood Damage

Water can cause extensive damage to a building, including reducing its structural strength and causing its wooden fittings and flooring to warp. Night or day, it can occur at any time. There are a number of areas in your home that can be affected by water damage, including cabinetry, furniture, drywall, and floors. And pretty much anything! Our comprehensive here at M&D Water Damage Restoration Fort Myers is the most effective water restoration method available today. We use powerful fans to dry damp surfaces after they have completely removed any water. Using antimicrobial techniques will be used after the water has been removed completely. Taking this precaution prevents mold colonies from growing in damaged areas.

Our services include:

  • Water Extraction
  • Basements And Crawl Spaces Flooded With Water
  • Providing Water Damage Repair Services
  • Walls And Drywall Damaged By Water
  • Tiles And Flooring That Have Been Damaged
  • Restoration Of Water Damage
  • Roof Damage Caused By Water
  • Repairing Water Damage With Drying
  • Damaged Ceilings Caused By Water
  • Removing Odors
  • Pipes That Have Broken And Caused Water Damage
  • Removing Chemicals And Water
  • Cleaning Up After A Flood
  • Carpets Soiled With Water That Need To Be Removed And Repaired
  • The Cleaning Of Surfaces Such As Glass, Masonry, Concrete, Brick, Block, Drywall, Wood, Paint, Metal, Carpet, Tile
  • Documentation And Restoration Of Contents
  • Hardwood Floors That Have Been Water Damaged That Need To Be Repaired
  • Assessing Damages

M&D Water Damage Restoration Fort Myers Cleaning and Restoration Process

Assessment of Water Damage is Completed:

For the purpose of developing drying strategies, our technicians will conduct a thorough assessment, perform daily inspections, and monitor the drying process to answer the following questions: What items can be salvaged? And dried out in the property and how many? Remove whatever cannot be salvaged. As a result, we can develop drying strategies and find answers to the questions we have. In addition to carrying out the work, they will conduct daily inspections and monitor the project.

Assessments help determine if damaged materials need to be removed because of structural integrity issues, irreparable damage, or contamination. Using the industry standards, we dry all materials such as drywall, wood, carpet, padding, baseboards, furniture, insulation, upholstery, and more, provided they are not contaminated or structurally compromised.

Emergency Water Extraction:

Water removal equipment of high quality is used to remove standing water through a strategic process.

By using our advanced pumps, we begin removing water from the site immediately. Our goal is to remove the water as quickly as possible to avoid as much damage as possible. Any damaged items or materials that cannot be salvaged after the water has been pumped out will need to be removed and disposed of. Upon completion, our technicians will remove the equipment and dispose of the water.

Dehumidification and Drying:

After the water has been extracted, we will identify, isolate, and prepare all areas that require dehumidification and drying.

In order to determine the locations of the air moving machines, a technician will assess the marked-off premises. In most cases, we will focus on areas where water and moisture had been trapped. It is important to keep in mind that these machines are quite loud. In order to remove the water, the air movers will be turned on and allowed to operate for as long as necessary. It is also possible to remove moisture by using dehumidifiers, which are designed to increase evaporation in a specific area and create airflow. If they are needed out techs will use them.

The drying process will be monitored by your technician. As soon as the moisture levels are back to normal, all removed items will be replaced.

Water Damage Repair

Final Cleaning Procedures:

If a carpet that has been damaged by water, soil and other issues, such as mold and mildew, can easily cause odors. Your whole home or business may be affected by these odors. Using steam cleaning, deodorizing, and spot removal methods, our technicians safely and effectively remove organic soil from carpets that cause odors. We will inspect the carpet again and take any additional cleaning steps if necessary.

Water Damage Restoration: Why Use A Licensed Contractor?

Specific tools and scientific procedures are needed to remove the water and dry out the affected areas. It may still be difficult to detect moisture under a dry floor that has seeped into the subfloor. If repairs are delayed or a company is hired that is not qualified for the work, it may result in extra and costly repair work.

How Does Fort Myers Water Damage Occur?

It is possible for flooding or water damage to occur in Fort Myers for a variety of reasons. The best way to prevent further damage is to become aware of them and take action as soon as possible.

#1 Flooding: Natural disasters cause flooding, and there isn't much that can be done to prevent it. When a disaster strikes, your only option is to contact a Fort Myers flood damage restoration company as soon as possible. In contrast, a well-built and maintained structure may result in less severe damage.

#2 Broken Pipes The water in a leaky or busted pipe in your kitchen or bathroom will not necessarily cause a flood, but it may seep into the walls over time, which may result in structural damage. We recommend that you contact a water damage restoration company, such as ourselves, as soon as you notice the first sign of moisture on your walls or flooring that appears to have been caused by a leak.

#3 Overflowing Sewage System: Heavy rainfall in FL can cause sewers to overflow. The sewage water may enter your home, and you should have it removed as soon as possible.

#4 Clogged Drains and Gutters: A blocked gutter or drain on your property will collect water and cause it to stagnate. The problem is not limited to just water damage. Stagnant drain water may even harm the health of those who live or work there. Problems to one's health can start to show up. If this happens, you must quickly engage a professional water damage restoration company.

#5 HVAC System Problems: In some cases, water leaks and subsequent damage can be caused by minor problems with the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. To resolve this issue, you will need to contact a professional.

Why Should You Choose Us For Water Damage Repair?

Keeping an eye out for signs of water presence and contacting M&D Water Damage Restoration Fort Myers immediately will help you prevent further damage. Whether you have hidden mold growth, leaking pipes or even water damage caused by a fire, we can clean it up so you can return to normal.