Fire Damage Restoration in Fort Myers

Fire Damage Restoration

After a fire is put out, property repairs need to be done ASAP. There is more to fire damage than what meets the eye, and it can reach deep into the structure of your home. Your home may be damaged by soot that has spread throughout or by smoke and odor damage. To get your property back to its pre-loss condition following a fire, you need to restore the building as soon as you are safe.

As part of our fire damage repair service, M&D Water Damage Restoration Fort Myers's team cleans, deodorizes, and treats smoke and soot damaged structures. Our collective experience in this field spans many years. It is difficult to treat a building after a fire because the smell may persist if it is done incorrectly. Our team in Fort Myers, FL uses sophisticated ozone machines and charcoal scrubbers to remove any smoke odors. As well, we will use safe and efficient chemicals or scrubs to remove stains from any surface that can be salvaged.

There is always a similar approach to fire damage incidents, regardless of how different they are. To get you back to your regular life ASAP, we will quickly restore your home or business back to its pre-loss condition.

How Can We Help with Fire Damage Repair?

  • Restoration Of Fire And Smoke Damage
  • Providing Fire Damage Repairs
  • The Removal Of Smoke Odors
  • Kitchen Repair After A Fire
  • Smoke & Fire Cleanup
  • Remediating Fire Damage
  • Neutralization Of Odors
  • Removal Of Soot
  • Damaged Roof Repair After A Fire
  • Property Restoration & Repair Following A Fire
  • Water Damage Restoration (From The Water Used By The Fire Department)

Common Scenarios Which Cause Commercial and Residential Fire Damage

We've seen it all and have repaired any kind of fire or smoke damage you can think of. Home and business fires occur for many reasons, such as those that follow:

  • Lint Accumulation In Dryers
  • Plugs That Are Overloaded
  • Faulty Or Aging Wiring Can Lead To Electrical Fires
  • Cigarettes Relate Fires
  • Flammables Which Accidental Ignite (Gasoline, Propane, Lighter Fluid, And Various Chemicals, Etc)
  • A Candle Fire
  • Kitchen Fires Caused By Grease

The Importance of Rapid Fire Damage Restoration

If cleanup and restoration are put off after a fire, damage caused by smoke, soot, and even water used by firefighters may worsen. The cost of repairs will increase, and if you delay too long, your insurance company might not pay out the entire amount. Fire damage could also lead to health risks such as soot and mold. As soon as you can, contact a Fort Myers fire restoration company, like us, to protect your home and well-being.

Smoke Damage Restoration

It is important not to waste time when dealing with smoke damage. Your walls, flooring, and furniture will suffer long-term damage from smoke. Get your family safe and regain your peace of mind with our smoke damage restoration services.

Cleaning of Smoke Damage

Your house can be damaged by other factors besides fire. A fire may contaminate your home's walls, ceilings, and other hidden areas.

You may also have smoke damage due to other causes in your home, aside from fire. It takes time for smoke damage caused by malfunctioning or incorrectly calibrated furnaces to be noticed. It is common for smoke to circulate through the home carrying soot, which is a byproduct of combustion. Consequently, it is able to penetrate spaces that a fire might not have directly affected, such as behind walls, ceilings, attics, or any other structure.

Without proper smoke remediation, any source of smoke and soot in a house can lead to safety and health risks. Smoke damage that is not repaired can lead to:

  • Asthma and other conditions of the kind are among the most common health issues.
  • In your home, you may notice etching from soot caused by low PH.
  • A stain Untreated stains will permanently alter a material's pigment, particularly on porous or light-colored materials.

If you have smoke damage following a fire, call us to keep your family safe.

Just Had a Fire? Here’s What to Do!

In the aftermath of a fire, you may be unsure of what to do. Follow this:

Fire Damage Services

Your local fire department will provide you with safety advice. You should not enter the property if they instruct you not to do so.

Taking pets and children to a smoke-free location is recommended. There are dangerous gasses contained in smoke that can be harmful to their health. For temporary housing, start with a neighbor you can trust, then transfer them to a friend or relative's house while the fire is being restored.

Open every window you can once you've gained access to the property. This will allow the air to move and force out the lingering smoke.

Get in touch with a fire remediation professional right away to get the process started. Professional assistance is needed, so don't wait until your schedule is backed up. Many homeowners insurance policies require policyholders to take "reasonable steps" in order to "mitigate damage". Windows can be boarded up, and smoldering can be put out, tarping the roof and/or boarding up the windows. Our company can take the lead to help you with this. Our company's fire damage restoration department offers free estimates and has decades of experience. The moment you read this, call (239) 788-1960.

Make sure you speak with your insurance provider about your home or business. Generally, policies require policyholders to report their losses as soon as possible.

Shut off the HVAC systems in your business.

Be prepared to empty your freezer and refrigerator in the event of a power outage. It is best to prop open the door when it is empty in order to prevent mold and odors from accumulating.

List all the items you own in your home. List all items that need to be replaced. Also, document the damage with photos. It is advisable to create a digital inventory that is accessible from anywhere because you will need copies for the insurance company, your records, and fire investigation authorities.

There are toxic gasses and dangers associated with smoldering ash, so you should avoid doing other tasks on your own. To minimize risk to personal safety, fire restoration companies use safety gear.

Until a fire restoration service determines that the premises are safe to enter. Make sure not to:

  • Cleaning absorbent surfaces such as furniture, wood trim, and walls.
  • Using upholstered furniture or moving it.
  • Food products that have been exposed to the intense fire heat should not be eaten.
  • Activating the heat and air conditioning in the property.
  • Houseplant watering. It is necessary to first clean the leaves of any soot first.

Fire Prevention Methods

A fire may not be predictable, but you can minimize its likelihood by taking preventive measures.

  • Keep your smoke detectors in good working order.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher on hand.
  • Make sure to store lithium batteries and other specialized batteries per the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Your HVAC system needs to be inspected annually.
  • Outdoor grills should be separated from houses by a minimum of 12 feet.
  • Making a fire safety plan for your home can keep your family informed in the event of a fire.
  • Children and teenagers should be educated about fire safety, especially if you have young children. A great resource if you do not know much about fire safety yourself is YouTube.

The damage caused by fire can often be long-lasting, despite the fact that it happens suddenly. In the aftermath of a fire, the next few hours are crucial. Also, the first 24 to 48 hours after a fire are extremely important for regaining your home's original condition.

A fire damage restoration company with a good level of experience in Fort Myers should be contacted right away if there is lingering soot or water. If you have just had a fire start. Call us right away at (239) 788-1960 as soon as you and your family are safe and the fire department has put out the fire.